The coolest canine Paw pawns of the 2019-2020

The best stuffed animals of Chase, Rubble, Skye, Marshal, Zuma and Rocky. They're adorable!

Chase Plush
Chase Plush

I know, you are looking for a Chase Plush, Sky, or some other member of The Paw Patrol. They have been with us for years, our children grow up, and for many other series of drawings that appear, they are still their favorites.

The Paw Patrol drives our children crazy, they sing the song, they get excited, they dance, they call you as soon as they see anything about the patrol on the street, on television ...

It may seem like obsessive, but you know what? nothing happens, it does not stop being like a hobby for them, their hobby, something that they are passionate about, and the best thing is that it is a very educational series where they teach great values:

  • To be responsible
  • Being a good friend
  • You have to play with friends
  • Behave
  • Help friends

That's why it does not hurt to fulfill your wishes and make them happy. For this, what better than a adorable stuffed animal of your favorite character?

And if he likes all the characters and you can afford it, have your son adore you when you give him the complete collection with all the stuffed dogs of The Paw Patrol.

We have not chosen at random, these are the best-selling canine patrol cuddles in the United States for several reasons:

  • Original product of the Ty brand
  • Soft and high quality material
  • Big and beautiful bright eyes
  • Each model has its own name and birthday on the label
  • 23 cm high. An ideal size and very "huggable" for any age 😉

The most adorable cuddly toys of the 2018 Canine Patrol

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