Free Mickey Mouse and his friends birthday invitations

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Birthday invitations Mickey Mouse and his friends
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CI pray that the best known Disney character does not need presentation, it is a classic as the years go by, new generations are born and all the children still love them.

That's why Piruchita could not miss the Free Mickey Mouse and his friends birthday invitations.

Although Mickey Mouse is the best known, with the passing of the years new friends appeared that joined him forming a fun family. Since then they have not stopped appearing new versions of the cartoons until today.

Mickey and his friendsMickey's main friends are Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, Donald and Daisy. Surely you know them all.

But do you know how old Mickey Mouse is? Although he has been with us all his life, we are not aware of his age because we always see him as jovial and "lively", and that is why years do not pass by him. Well there it goes: the November 18 was born from 1928! Why didn't you think I was so old? Yes, a few days ago he turned 88.

And did you know that at the beginning it wasn't called Mickey but Mortimer? That ugly name Walt gave him when he first drew it on a train trip, in fact it seems somewhat dingy. Luckily his wise wife suggested the name change.

Aoswald vs mickey mouseunque the truth is that what I just told is more of a legend and there are several versions of the origin of Mickey, and according to the wikipedia, the most successful is that it started with a request from Disney to the cartoonist Ub Iwerks (yes, it was not really drawn by Walt, although it was he who put the voice and character), to compensate for the loss of a license to Universal of a similar character, a nice rabbit named Oswald ... do not you find some similar ones?

It also gives the feeling that over the years make our beloved mouse look younger and younger:

mickey-evolutionDid you know that we also offer you Premium versions of these Mickey Mouse birthday invitations and their friends? You can instruct us to personalize the invitations with the birthday information to make them perfect!

Mickey Mouse and his friends Premium birthday invitations

I know you're here to download the invitation, so now that I've told you some curiosities of the most famous mouse, I do not entertain you anymore and here you have them.

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Free download now Mickey Mouse birthday invitations and your friends in high quality, ready to print:

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