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Free Printable Shimmer and Shine Birthday Invitation

SHimmer and Shine is an original and entertaining series that has quickly won the hearts of viewers, especially the youngest ones. For this reason and always thinking about giving you the best, the Shimmer & Shine birthday card has arrived to print. Here you can download the FREE Shimmer and Shine birthday invitation, so that the smallest of the house can have fun sharing them among their guests.

Born in Nickelodeon and focused for all audiences, "Shimmer & Shine" is an excellent animated series. The card includes the space necessary to fill with information, in addition to a beautiful and striking illustration for the little ones, however you can also obtain it in digital format to send your contacts by any virtual platform and thus cordially invite them in just seconds.


Decoration for Shimmer and Shine Birthday Party

Shimmer and Shine are adorable and it will be very easy to create a party with decoration of these characters.

You can also think about making use of a Shimmer and Shine costume for children and adults to liven up the party.

To organize a good birthday party of our beloved genies begins with the Shimmer and Shine Birthday Invitation, Pennants and Boxes to put personalized treats with stickers with elements or characters from the film.

Now, if you can afford it, organize what can be a great memory for your child, and use everything you can related to the theme. I give you some ideas: Shimmer and Shine plastic tablecloth, king lion cups and plates, balloons and all kinds of personalized decoration on paper.

Do not miss our Custom premium decoration packs for Shimmer and Shine Birthday Party that we will personalize in digital format for you and you will be able to receive by working 24 / 48h. Print as many times as you want what you like the most and leave everyone hallucinated!

Ideas to decorate a birthday party for The Lion King

Birthday Party Decoration Shimmer And Shime 1

It may seem a bit of a burden to look at, but it's a birthday! That's the way it should be, for people to look at it and enjoy it.

The predominant colors of our favorite geniuses have been chosen with a huge background mural with them as prominent protagonists.

Perhaps the only thing left over is the mixture with bags of Disney princesses.

Birthday Party Decoration Shimmer And Shime 2

The table also fits perfectly.

The colors combine perfectly with the theme and you have chosen to choose where to put each color to avoid being too flashy.

Includes all elements such as glasses and decorated plates Shimmer and Shine

Argument of this colorful and magical television series

Shimmer & Shine premiered in Latin America on November 2 of the 2015, however the pilot episode on which the series was based was released 2 years earlier, in September of the 2013. From there, the animated series began to gather a large number of fans who looked forward to the start of the first season of that series.

The story begins in the world of humans, where a girl named Leah Thompson is friends with a pair of twins who happen to be magical geniuses, who grant 3 daily wishes to the girl. But the twins are just learning to use their magic so they often do something wrong and Leah with her magical friends has to solve the problems that are happening and every day they learn incredible lessons.

Both main characters, who give the name to the series, are very characteristic and with quite different personalities, Shimmer for example, is a very adorable genius of pink hair and blue eyes, has as a pastime to leave shiny things and collect bottles of geniuses, even has a pet, which turns out to be a monkey called "Tala", has a very enthusiastic and encouraging personality.

Two geniuses in a bottle, to heaven they will rise!

Shimmer and Shine - Nick Jr.

His sister Shine has blue hair and violet eyes, is always thinking of eating delicious things and loves animals, unlike his sister, Shine is not very neat, in fact detests order and is always inventing phrases that affirms Always say, but that is the first time he says them, she is quite funny and clueless.

Undoubtedly a story full of incredibly good values ​​for the little ones, as well as having an impressive dubbing cast, since celebrities like Eva Bella participate, who made the original voice of Elsa in the famous Disney movie "Frozen" and Dave Foley , who is a Canadian actor with a long career in the world of children's dubbing. In terms of dubbing for Latin America, they have the voice of Leisha Medina, who became very famous for playing Dora's voice for the animated series "Dora la exploradora"

Shimmer and Shine online games

Luckily this animated series has its own website where everyone can enjoy some simple games.

Opening of Shimmer and Shine | The official song of the series (Music)

The acceptance by the public since this adorable series was released was such that it is very easy to get children's accessories with the image of the characters, despite their short time on the air, but being the fashionable children's animated series, all the little ones want some items from Shimmer & Shine.

Do not miss the opportunity to give your little ones what you want most for their big day, hit with your gift and take advantage of this section of Shimmer & Shine to give both the little ones and the elders, a beautiful birthday card they are adorable series, which you can print and deliver personally or send it digitally to your loved ones, so that everyone shares the joy that only an animated series like this can give.

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IMDB rating of Shimmer and Shine

IMDB is Internet Movie Data Base. The largest online database of movies, series, drawings, anime, etc.

It includes two types of assessments, that of the specialized critic and that of the visitors. This can make you a very good idea of ​​the reception that this film has had worldwide, as well as read the opinions of many participants, but OJO, it is common for some spoilers to escape.

Shimmer and Shine (2015-)
30 min|Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy|Aug 24 2015
5.7rating: 5.7 / 10 from 305 usersMetascore: N / A
Follows the magical adventures of fraternal twin genies, Shimmer and Shine, who unintentionally create chaos while attempting to grant wishes for their human best friend, Leah.

Shimmer and Shine Premium personalized birthday cards

In this portal you will find an incredible Shimmer and Shine birthday invitation. The best part is that it is free and you can download it now. The only thing you should keep in mind is that you must fill it with the name of the birthday boy, the address and the time of the party.

For this reason we also offer you an exclusive service for you: Shimmer and Shine birthday invitation Customizable Premium. If you choose this mode, you can customize the Shimmer and Shine birthday cards, you will even have the opportunity to add a photograph of the celebrant. Depending on the model you choose, the price varies, for example, the cards that carry pictures will have an additional value. But it is not expensive since we manage very affordable prices from only 7,95 € and you can print it as many times as you need. Therefore it is cheaper than not directly buy invitations already printed.

Download now the Shimmer and Shine Birthday Invitation in high quality ready to print:

La Shimmer and Shine birthday invitation is designed in high quality, 300 dpi, perfect for printing both at home with any type of printer, as well as in a printing or online printing service.

If you are going to print your Invitation, we recommend that you use paper a little thicker than the typical ones that we have at home, since with this paper it would be excessively thin. If you can, get some 220gr paper in brightness (also called glossy). EYE, it is not necessary to look for it to be specific to photography since they tend to be more expensive.

The default invitation size is 7 "x 5" inches (17,78cm x 12,7cm). Yes! It is huge, but this is so that when you print them to a smaller size, the quality is excellent. You can then reduce the size at the time of printing, eg. 6 "x 4" inches (15,24cm x 10,16 cm) or even less.

We recommend that you print 2 for each sheet of size A4, which is a large size but will be more striking than normal tiny. You can also reduce them more and put 4 per sheet, and save if you have many guests or have only got expensive photo paper, but keep in mind the size of the text as it will be, so before doing anything on good paper, it is always advisable to print on a normal sheet and see how it will look.

Free Printable Shimmer and Shine Birthday Invitation

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