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FREE Sam the Firefighter's birthday invitationAs it is certain that the kids admire this wonderful character and his companions, we offer a great Sam the Firefighter's Birthday Invitation completely FREE and with a very funny design, because the objective is to satisfy the tastes of the spoiled of the home.

The brave firefighter is back to help people in need; an animated children's series that has been very well accepted by the smallest of the house.

Sam the fireman He is a brave character who with his courage has earned the immense love of children, and that is why the little ones want to celebrate and enjoy their party with this theme.

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Advantages of Sam the Firefighter's Birthday Invitation

It is easy and convenient because they are ready, just print them. But if you want to make use of technology, you can use social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, or by WhatsApp messages to send them to all guests.

Information in IMDB

Sam The Fireman (1987-2020)
10 min|Animation, Crime, Family|06 May 1989
6.2rating: 6.2 / 10 from 1,234 usersMetascore: N / A
The series follows a firefighter named Sam, his fellow firefighters, and other citizens in the Welsh town of Pontypandy.

Origin of the animated series

This Welsh animated series began in the year 1985. After a while on the air he finished his season, so that in the 2005 he reappeared.

The series obtained a great reach worldwide due to the great attention it achieved with the audience, and it was so much the expansion that it got to have, that it was sold to a little more than 40 countries.

Its creators Dave Gingell and Dave Jones had the idea of Sam the fireman, and then Mike Young built the plot in order to entertain the children. However, it also has a teaching objective, which is to transmit a message about good customs to the little ones, instilling the value of responsibility, even in the United Kingdom it serves as an information campaign for fires.

Videos of Sam the Fireman in Spanish

Here is one of his latest videos from the official YouTube channel of Sam the Firefighter in Spanish:


This wonderful story is based on Sam, a great firefighter who with his companions perform brave actions to care for the citizens of the town of PontyPandy.

From the fire station, Sam and his companions receive calls. They are so brave that they are not afraid of risking emergencies to save and protect the lives of each person in the community. In addition, they not only extinguish the fire, they also help anyone who needs it.


The series Sam the fireman She is very loved by the little ones and they see Sam and her friends as great heroes they want to look like.

The interesting thing is that the characters convey great values ​​for children, one of them is the responsibility that people must have.

Its main characters are: the fireman Sam, always has great calm before the emergencies and looks for the solution to the problems; Elvis Cridlington, a fireman whose hair is similar to that of the King of Rock and Roll; Norris Steele, the station chief; Penny Morris, the only woman on the team; and Boyce, an old friend of Morris.

Sam the Fireman

People from the town

In this story there is a variety of characters, because the series does not revolve only in the firefighters team, there are also local people, citizens who live in PontyPandy and those who Sam and his friends have to help in some problems that happen in the chapters.

The characters are Trevor Evans; Mike Flood; Dilys Price, the owner of the store; Bella Lasagne, Italian owner of a café; and Helen Flood, the nurse of Caribbean origin.

Also, the Australian Tom Thomas; Charlie Charles Jones, fisherman and brother of Sam; Bronwyn McShell-Jones; Gareth Griffiths; and Ms. Chen, a teacher of Chinese origin.


As in most animated series for children, there are also children's characters in this story.

Sarah Jones and James Jones: They are twins, who are 5 years old, and nephews of the great brave Sam. Their desire is to be firefighters like their uncle.

Norman Stanley Price: a naughty boy who likes to make mischief that ultimately ends up being big problems for the town where he lives. Despite being such a joker and generating some chaos, he wants to be a firefighter.

Mandy Flood: appeared in the year 2005 and is the best friend of Norman.

Derek Abney: Although he tries to be a quiet boy, he actually has a mischievous personality, just like his cousin Norman.

Characters Children of Sam the Fireman


In this series, the vehicles also have names, giving a funny touch to the plot of Sam the fireman.

Jupiter, Sam's red fireman's car; Venus, the rescue truck that is driven by Penny; Mercury, the quadricycle; Bessie, the nurse's ambulance; Mike Flood's truck; the Wallaby One helicopter, the Tom Thomas 4 × 4 jeep; the Neptune boat and the PontyFlyer locomotive.


The animals that are part of Sam the fireman they are the cat Rosa, Dusty the dog, the lamb Lanudo, the cat Leon and the dog of the firemen Radar.

Secondary characters

Bentley the Robot. It is a robot created by fireman Sam. In one chapter, he suffers a small mishap, since Norman's pranks came to him by changing his memory for that of a video game, and that is when the robot gets out of control and begins to commit disasters in PontyPanty, where Sam has to solve the problem .

Sam the Firefighter's toys

If we are talking about a birthday, the star is going to be one of these gifts, since for something it is one of his favorite characters:

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Birthday Invitations Sam the Fireman Custom Premium

Here you can access the fun birthday card of the series Sam the fireman. You can have it! And best of all, it's completely free. All you have to do is place the name of the birthday boy, the time and, of course, the place where the celebration will take place.

But if you want to customize the invitations a little more, we offer you a premium package, in which you can modify the details to your preference, even add photographs of the birthday boy. Indeed, this will depend on the card model, therefore, the type of personalization that carry photographs has a separate cost. However, the price is very low.

Personalized Sam the Fireman birthday invitations to print

Download now for free Birthday Invitation Sam the Fireman in high quality ready to print:

Surely it will be a great birthday!

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