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Who would say that behind boring Bob there is a great superhero? Well that's the way it is and although his dream was to fight crime, he had to give it up and sell insurance under the eye of an unbearable boss to support his family. There goes the argument of the Disney Pixar movie The Incredibles.

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If you are interested in your celebration having this theme, keep reading that here we offer some details of the first film and the second that is about to premiere.

Valuation of The Incredibles 2 in IMDB

Los Increíbles 2 (2018)
118 min|Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi|15 June 2018
7.7rating: 7.7 / 10 from 223,206 usersMetascore: 80
Helen has to lead a campaign for superheroes to return, while Bob lives his "normal" life with Violet, Dash and baby Jack-Jack - whose super powers we will discover. His mission goes down when a new villain appears with a brilliant plan that threatens everything. But the Parr will not be intimidated, let alone having Frozone on their side.

A second installment: Los Increibles 2

The 2004 was the year in which The Incredibles premiered, showing a world in which superheroes are applauded before the world for their courage for a long time but then thank you that several events are triggered necessarily had to disappear from the public arena.

It's been more than ten years since that first premiere, fourteen to be more specific, and Disney Pixar bet on the renewal with a sequel that will premiere the next June 15 in the United States and then in the rest of the countries.

The Incredibles 2 baby is ready

For this second installment, the argument will be centered more on Helen or Elastigirl, as is her heroine name, and she will be in charge of dealing with the problems of facing a campaign to bring the superheroes back to their public life and to be so Respected as always.

The poster of the new movie shows the family with its 2 Incredibles costume just as they used it in the previous film and the most striking is the appearance of a mysterious character behind the logo of The Incredibles 2 and that apparently is the villain that in this opportunity will test the courage of the Parr family.

In the trailer we can see Bob (Mr. Incredible) taking care of the children at home, while his wife tries to carry out her mission. Both will have to deal with the channeling of the powers of Jack Jack, the baby of the house who apparently still can not control them very well.

One of the funniest parts is to see how Jack Jack fails with his super powers, which leads him to real risk circumstances, putting his father in awkward situations like when he burns his hair. The most funny thing is that being a baby, he does not realize what he does and everything happens between laughs and very entertaining moments.

Another peculiarity is that the sequel begins just where the first film ended, so despite the fact that 14 years have passed, it will not be noticed.

Trailer of The Incredibles 2 official in Spanish

The incredible characters

Bob Parr is Mr. Incredible and has the power of super strength. It is the father of the children and husband of Helen Parr who is Elastigir and has the ability to mold his body as if it were rubber.

Violeta Parr is the eldest daughter of this super marriage and her power is focused on becoming invisible and creating force fields resistant to any attack. His brother, Dash Parr is the second son of Bob and Helen, and is unsurpassedly fast.

The last of the Parr is Jack Jack and is still a baby that does not show great skills, however one of the challenges of the second installment is to discover which one of them will stand out.

Other characters such as Frozono, who is able to create ice from the humidity and Edna Moda who has the power to have a super good taste and is the official designer of the superheroes, also repeated in the second installment.

This summer will be very entertaining for those who decide to go see the movie, because they can enjoy it as a family, from the smallest of the house to the largest will delight with the occurrences of the Parr family.

30 Curiosities of The Incredibles that perhaps you did not know

credits: Neiterall

Toys of the 2 Incredibles to give to the birthday boy

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Custom Incredibles 2 Birthday Invitations PREMIUM

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Customizable The Incredibles PREMIUM Birthday Invitations

FREE birthday invitation card

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