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Blaze and the monsters machine birthday invitation
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BLaze is the fastest and most incredible monster truck in Axle city, and could not miss Piruchita Free printable Blaze and the monsters machines birthday invitation.

Blaze is not only the fastest of all, he is also the smartest, with great knowledge of science, technology, etc.

His driver in town Axle is called AJ, that with just 8 years is made an expert technician. He helps himself with his gloves and helmet visor to draw in the air all the designs with their corresponding measurements.

Both enjoy solving all the problems they encounter in each adventure with the help of science, mathematics and technology.

In most cases, dangerous situations are caused by Blaze's rival, a tractor with a trailer called Crusher, who will do all kinds of traps in order to reach the finish line first ... for this he invents all kinds of pots. The concept is somewhat similar to that of "Crazy Cars" but modernized for the times that are running 🙂

Ciudad Axle is full of vehicles, and they need a "doctor" to tune them up and repair them. At that moment the mechanics of the city garage come into action Gabby, with also just 9 years of age.

There are many more vehicles in the city, including the acrobatic Daringtonthe brute Say which is half a car and half a triceraptor (yes .. a dinosaur car), the tiger truck Stripes, the cowboy van Starla and the little one Pickle, that being the companion of the "bad" of the series (Crusher) tries to convince him in each chapter to abandon his dates without success.

Blaze and the Monster Machines is considered the first series of cartoons for preschool children that touch much of the areas of science, math, technology and even engineering.

Each episode introduces different concepts CTIM, including buoyancy and trajectory, so that children while enjoying their favorite series are learning a lot without realizing it.

With so many concepts of CTIM in each chapter, not only will the little ones enjoy the house, but also the respective adults while they are taking care of it. And not everything is learning, cars are adorable and fun.

The songs that are used while teaching you math and science are very catchy, as soon as you see a chapter you will be humming them all day long.

If you want to watch free online chapters, games and other videos, you can do it from the official website of Nick jr.

Data and assessment on Blaze in IMDB

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